Trinity Lutheran Church

Children & Family Ministry

Trinity Lutheran and Immanuel Lutheran Churches are reaching out to the children and families of their community – those who fill their pews each week, those who have never walked through the church doors, and many in between. Jennie Van De Velde, a staff member of Immanuel and Trinity Lutheran Churches, is the Coordinator of Children & Family Ministries. Jennie works with children, ages Pre-K through 8th grade, in both congregations and within the community.   Jennie includes a balance of social activities, spiritual growth opportunities, and service projects.  Jennie has conducted family a drive-in movie, carnivals, board game nights, Children’s Church, Puppet Posse, among other events. Trinity and Immanuel feel that this ministry reaches out to a segment of the church that has sometimes been overlooked and underserved.  Jennie is “encouraging families to grow in faith together, and bringing Jesus’ love to the young members of our community.

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Aug. 19     4:00 p.m.     Lutherfest at the Paloma Park

Sept. 9       10:15 a.m.   Rally Day - Worship at the Golden Park followed by lunch and fellowship

Oct. 4-8                          Mission Trip to South Side Mission in Peoria