Trinity Lutheran Church

From the Council President

A man once told a pastor of his desire to become a member of the congregation. “However,” he said, “I’m very busy, so please don’t call on me for any committee work, teaching a class, or singing in the choir. Spare me from anything that would take my time, and don’t be surprised if I’m not in worship very often.”


The pastor thought for a moment and then replied, “I believe you are at the wrong church. The church you are looking for is ten blocks down the street.”


The man followed the pastor’s directions and soon came to an abandoned, boarded-up, closed church building.  It was a dead church—gone out of business.


Thanks goes to each member of Trinity Lutheran who are alive to the ministry of the Lord’s church. We are going through a bump in the road, during this time without a Pastor.  But we must remember, lively Christians keep churches alive.


Council President

Roger Flesner