Trinity Lutheran Church

Pastor’s Monthly Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

       I am appealing to you directly so that I may better serve you. If you need me to visit you or a family member please contact me directly. I did a study over the last couple of months and discovered that of the last twenty hospital visits I have made, I had only been contacted directly by the person in need or by their family members twice. Now I know this may not be the way things have been done in the past, but in order for me to best serve you things need to change. It is often the case that I am one of the last people to find out that you or a loved one has been hospitalized. The irony in that is that most of the people who found out before me aren’t expected to visit you. I frequently make a trip to Quincy in the morning only to, return home  and find that a member has been hospitalized all day in Quincy.

       I have instructed Karen to no longer take visitation messages,  but to simply give people my information and ask them to contact me directly. This allows me to better understand the situation and the needs of the family and the one who is hospitalized. I don’t know how many times I have driven to Quincy upon hearing someone was in the hospital and found out that he/she had been discharged or that he/she was fine and didn't require a visit.

       Finally, I know that for many of you, Sunday before or after church might seem like the best time for you to inform me of a pending hospitalization or surgery. Though this may be the best time for you,  it is the absolute worst time for me. I understand that Sunday may have been a good time for my predecessors, but it is not for me. On Sunday I am entirely focused on worship, preaching, and teaching Sunday School and confirmation. It's not that I am not listening- but there is a very low chance that I will remember the details in their entirety. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care or don’t desire to speak with you about whatever it is that you need. Call, email, text, or come see me in the office where I can completely devote my full attention to your needs or the needs of a loved one. Once again I am writing this so that I may better serve you. Please help me help you.




Pastor Brad