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Transfiguration Sunday, February 11, 2018

Scripture Reading: Mark 9:2-9


THOUGHT: Don’t worry about everything around you. That’s my job!              —Jesus


        Have you ever climbed a mountain? We know that my colleague, Melanie Silva, has climbed a mountain, because she told us about it last week. I have climbed a few mountains. It’s great to get to the summit and see the world at your feet, and to enjoy the amazing view! I haven’t climbed anything very technical, but climbing a mountain is always a strenuous adventure.

        What is your favorite mountain? Perhaps you saw one while on vacation. I think the Matterhorn in Switzerland is amazing! Mount Hood in Oregon provides a majestic background for the city of Portland.

        Do you live near a mountain?

        The Bible mentions several mountains. Three of them are very important in the biblical story. First, Mount Sinai. This is the mountain where God gave Moses and the children of Israel the Ten Commandments and other matters of law and ritual. Mount Sinai represents the Law.

        Second, Mount Carmel. The person we associate with Mount Carmel is the great prophet Elijah. It was on Mount Carmel that Elijah competed with the prophets of a false god, Ba’al, to see whether their god would cause rain to fall and thus end the drought. The false prophets prayed to no avail. But the God of Israel brought an amazing outpouring of rain upon the mountain that day. Mount Carmel represents the Prophets.

        Then there is the Mount of the Transfiguration. Many scholars believe this is present-day Mount Tabor. On the Mount of the Transfiguration, Jesus met with the Law (Moses) and the Prophets (Elijah). They had a conversation. It was here that Jesus was clothed with heavenly glory as befitting the Messiah.

        Jesus fulfilled the Law and was the fulfillment of many prophecies. Let’s rejoice in the work of Jesus as our Messiah and Savior!                                                                                                 —Timothy Merrill


Prayer: O God, may I listen to the voice of your Beloved Son! Amen.